I am always thinking about coins and how I can turn them into awesome jewelry.  I had this idea to make mixed metal necklaces with coins that were smashed on a railroad track.  They would be odd-shaped and interesting.  I couldn’t wait to get to work!

I looked at the commuter train schedule, recruited the help of a friend and headed down to make it happen.

Guys, don’t do this.

Learn from my error.  It’s actually illegal.  Now, listen, I did give this a bit of thought beforehand.  I wondered if that old wives tale is true about coins de-railing trains, so before I left, I actually Googled whether or not that was true.  The myth was busted!  So, I thought I was in the clear.

I filmed the whole thing, you guys.  For Instagram, actually.  I thought it would make a fun post.

Anyway.  I missed the train by a few minutes, so I laid out my coins, left to pick up my kid from school and then headed back down to pick up my loot.  As I was collecting my coins, my 14-year-old son said, “Mom, the police are coming toward us.  Should we run?”  I said, “No.  Oh my gosh, kid.  We don’t run from the cops.  I’m a grown up and that’s a good way to get in real trouble.”

We stood still, awaiting our fate.

Apparently, they have me on camera committing the crime.  I explained what I was doing.  It wasn’t terrorism.  They asked me if I would rather be arrested or listen to a lecture on the dangers of coin smashing via train.

I took the lecture.  It was 20 minutes long.  To sum up, possible flying shrapnel, possible wheel slippage, the possibility of me getting hit by a train, trespassing on private property, etc.

They let me keep the coins I had already collected.  I sheepishly had to tell them I had an entire row on the other tracks and for the sake of safety, shouldn’t I go collect those as well?

I came home with enough coins to make 11 necklaces.  That’s it.  But they were really cute and I charged “limited edition” prices for obvious reasons.

But, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe come summer, I should just find a more private space on a freight train track.

Perhaps with some tree cover?